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Omni Eye Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get in to see a specialist at Omni Eye Services?

A:  Most of the patients sent to Omni have eye conditions that are not handled by their doctor of optometry. Your family optometrist is the one who can refer you to us if he/she deems it necessary. Usually, conditions such as pink eye, styes, double vision or blurred vision are handled by your doctor. More involved problems like advanced glaucoma, diabetic retinal changes, and cataract or corneal problems will require a referral to one of our specialists.  A thorough eye exam by your doctor including dilation will determine if you need to see us.

If you think you are experiencing changes in your vision due to cataracts, corneal or retinal disorders, contact your doctor of optometry for a referral to us.

Q: Why has my optometrist sent me to Omni Eye Services?

A:  Omni has a long track record of working hand in hand with the optometrists in your area. This allows you to continue to be seen by the doctor that knows you best, but if you need specialty medical or surgical care, your doctor has the ability to communicate with the Omni doctors and get the testing and treatment done that needs to be done, in a timely and highly skilled manner. The Omni doctors will then send you back to your family optometrist for follow-up when indicated, making frequent trips back and forth to the specialist unnecessary in many cases.

Q: What should I expect on the day of my visit?

A:  After filling out appropriate paperwork, you will have a preliminary workup by a trained intern or technician. In most cases, expect your eyes to be dilated and to be at the office for at least two hours. Bring a sweater even in the summer as the air conditioning can be quite cold. If you are a contact lens wearer, leave the lenses at home and wear spectacles that day. Bring a pair of sunglasses as the dilation causes light sensitivity. And bring all your eye medications, list of oral medications, and all necessary insurance cards and information.

If you are being sent for a cataract evaluation, it is best if you are out of your contact lenses for a week prior to the visit.

Q: Where is surgery done if I need it?

A:  Retinal surgery is done at area hospitals such as Northside Hospital, and cataract, corneal and glaucoma surgery is done at our modern ambulatory surgery center at the West Paces Ferry location.

Q: What are the benefits to patients?

A: Omni pioneered co-management in the United States, with over 30 years of experience with the surgeon/optometrist team approach, proving that superior care is delivered to patients with this model.

  • The highest quality patient care is provided; board certified optometrists and surgeons who work with community optometrists as an extension of their practices, without competing for primary care
  • Same Day Cataract Surgery Program for straightforward cataracts, including complimentary van transportation on surgery day
  • The first LenSx Laser in Atlanta for state of the art Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery
  • Special testing, such as digital photography, visual fields, corneal topography, OCT Nerve and Retinal/Macular analysis, Lenstar A Scan Ultrasonography
  • Omni’s physicians are nationally recognized for their clinical accomplishments and are often published in professional medical/optometric journals
  • Three conveniently located offices throughout the Atlanta Metro Area
  • Competent, caring staff to assist your patients, and arrange for them to be seen without delay
  • On-Call support for after hours and weekend patient emergencies for Omni supporters and their patients
  • Marketing staff makes visits to offices to determine your needs, and provides materials that facilitate seamless referrals and communication between professionals