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I thought that things were getting a little dimmer. It was getting harder for me to see at a distance and up close so I went to my optometrist to see if my cataracts were ripe for surgery. So I asked my optometrist ‘Where would you go to?’ and he said Omni Eye Services.

When I got there they explained that Omni Eye Services was the first in Atlanta to have the laser for cataract surgery. I was excited about it because I had heard of laser surgery for other things and how more precise laser surgery was than just regular cutting. So I was very confident going into surgery.

I am delighted that I was one of the first to have laser cataract surgery. I would recommend Omni Eye to anyone who wanted cataract surgery. All of the people were very nice to me…all of the assistants, the people at the front desk. I don’t know why anybody would go anyplace else.

I am an optometrist in the Atlanta area. When my vision started getting blurry I knew it was a cataract. In my line of work, I have seen cataract surgery done plenty of times but it still is quite different when you’re on the other end of this and I was quite nervous.

After having a long relationship with Omni Eye Services I felt like they were probably best suited to handle my case. I felt in good hands with them and felt real comfortable going through the whole process. The staff at Omni was very helpful in calming me down and cutting down the anxiety. The surgery wasn’t as bad as I thought so I give them credit for holding my hand through the whole process.

I had a number of patients that did well with the multifocal lenses and I thought it would be nice to be able to see far and close without having to use reading glasses and it turned out to be a terrific choice.

In the Atlanta area there are dozens of cataract surgeons and I am sure some of them are very good but it’s hard to imagine anybody would be better than Dr. Woodard after the experience I had and the skill level was amazing. Omni always has state of the art technology and the newest equipment to benefit the patients. That also helped me in my decision on who to go to.
Dr. Jeff

I didn’t know what was going on. Anything I looked at had some fuzzy cloud around and dealing with food was horrible. I was not in a good mood and would loose my temper because I could not see what I was creating. As a chef, I was very concerned about that cataract surgery to remove those clouds so I could re-establish my vision with the food. We all know that the most important thing with food is to see what it is and to establish that comfort zone with it.

After having my first eye done, I open my eyes and honest to God it was like somebody blew in really cold easy breeze of air on my face. And Dr. Woodard said, “We’re done!” and I said, “Nothing to it. This is unbelievable.”

If you walk through my kitchen today, you’re going to see a lot of smiles because the chef is not angry anymore. Even my wife who is my sous-chef says my food now has better composition and much more vivid color because my eyes are now saying, yes, yes, yes.
Chef Rafih

I didn’t realize how much I was missing honestly but I noticed that it was harder and harder for me to see colors and the glare was unbelievable. If lights hit me in the face or there was lights on signs, I couldn’t read them and I was just putting up with it. I didn’t realize how dangerous I was when driving.

I elected to have laser cataract surgery when they showed me the video and I just saw major advantages with it as it is more precise and they can control it better. I had astigmatism and had been wearing glasses since I was eight years old. I had the Toric IOL and it was absolutely worth spending the extra money for the laser and the lens because now I have clear vision. I can see colors. I can see limbs on trees. I can see very, very clearly, and I had forgotten what it was like to actually see. I haven’t seen like this probably since I was six years old. I’d just like to say thank you to the staff and Dr. Woodard for being there and doing such a tremendous job.

After dark, when I was driving, the dashboard lights didn’t seem to be bright enough. My wife said, ‘Sam, the lights are bright enough. There is something wrong with your eyes.
Sam Origlio, M.D. (Retired Surgeon)

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