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The OMNI device is a new minimally invasive surgical option for glaucoma. Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery is exciting because of its safety profile and fast post-operative recovery. Unlike other minimally invasive procedures for glaucoma, which only treat a small portion of the trabecular drainage system, the OMNI device can treat the entire 360 degrees of the trabecular drain. The OMNI device allows the surgeon to carry out a two-part procedure.

The first part, visco-canaloplasty, is a procedure that dilates the entire 360 degrees of Schlemm’s canal, allowing the drainage channels to function better. The second part, trabeculectomy, removes a portion of the trabecular meshwork, providing direct access for aqueous fluid to drain into Schlemm’s canal. Based on the stage of your glaucoma, your surgeon can titrate the amount of trabeculectomy performed. Therefore, patients of any stage of glaucoma are candidates for the procedure.

After surgery, the patient may be able to get off 1-2 drops and the visual recovery is very rapid. The OMNI procedure can be performed at the time of cataract surgery or as a stand-alone procedure.