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PanOptix IOL


Omni is proud to now offer the new PanOptix intraocular lens (IOL) to our cataract patients. It is the first FDA approved trifocal IOL available in the U.S. This lens is designed for patients who would like to rely less on glasses for distance, intermediate and near vision. The lens is already available in over 70 countries and has been implanted in over 120 million eyes to date, with excellent results.

The PanOptix IOL uses Enhanced Light Energy Optical Technology which optimizes intermediate vision without compromising near or distance vision. In a study done on 129 subjects with PanOptix, 99% said they would choose the same lens again, 98% said they would recommend the lens to friends and family and 80% reported they never needed to wear glasses after surgery. As with any premium intraocular lens, there is a significant out of pocket cost that the patient is responsible for, as no insurance companies including Medicare will cover it.

While we always strive to set realistic patient expectations, we are excited to incorporate PanOptix into our arsenal of cataract options for patients. As always, Omni was among the first practices to use this lens, along with our other advanced technogies including ORA, Dropless Surgery, and LenSx Laser Bladeless Surgery.